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    Post power problem in W/UI neighborhood?

    in an online document from fema regarding the pebble beach, CA wildland urban fire of 1987 http://www.usfa.fema.gov/pdf/usfapubs/tr-007.pdf it mentioned that PG&E cut the power to the neighborhood to minimize danger to the firefighters and residents, and that this was standard procedure. Is it still standard procedure to cut power to a WU/I neighborhood if there is a large fire? thanks

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    It is our department's policy to request the power be cut any time there is a danger of a downed power line. It doesn't matter if it is in an urban or rural area. Our department has a good working relationship with our power co., Rosebud Electric Company. They respond to all fires. If a service truck is not needed at the fire scene they are turned around. This is done at no cost to the fire dept. or property owner. Also there are 4 REC employees on our vfd.

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    This would really be up to the incident commander. If the incident is large enough to warrent cutting the power for safety of anyone than it is allway's an option. The important thing to realize is that electricity is very dagerous and not only downed power poles can be a hazard , but thick smoke with all of it's particals will conduct electricity. Normally direct ground fault's such as poles down and lines down will knock open cut-out's in the area's that are hit, but the almost like lighting stikes are the one's that you will never see coming. It is a good practice to take away any hazard that could cause life safety issue's.


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    thanks for the input

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