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    Post Wildland Firefighting SOP's

    I'm a firefighter on a central Illinois Fire Department. Over the last five years we have seen a marked increase in the number of grass fire and W/UI fires. As a result we have also seen a marked increase in the number of Firefighter injuries, especially heat related. I am looking for fire department's from "non-traditional" wildland fire areas that may have SOP's on wildland fires including specifics on PPE's

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    Rod, I'm not from the non-tradional wildfire area and we don't have a SOP for wildland PPE's that I can send you. Our VFD require us to wear nomex coveralls or shirt and pants, both are provided to most of our dept. Each fire fighter has the choice of which to wear. They also have a wildland helmet with face and neck protector, goggles and wildland gloves. They are required to wear leather boots but must furnish their own. Everyone must have access to a fire shelter. Shelters are carried in all our trucks and anyone that want can also carry one one their belt. I am working on the dept helping with the cost of boots. We got most of our gear from GSA through our state forestry division. I hope this helps. Stay safe. If possible get some wildland training. Just because it's only a grass fire doesn't mean that it can't hurt you or worse.

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    Rod, some safety issues that need to be in any SOP. Never wear wildland PPE's into a working structure fire or to a vehicle fire or extrication. Never wear cutoffs under coveralls or overpants. Always wear at least a cotton T shirt and blue jeans under wildland gear. Also wear socks. Your under wear should be all cotton or some similar material. Never wear anything that will melt, like nylon, polyester, foam rubber, etc. This include all your clothes, both males and females. Unlike turnout gear that only lets heat soak thru slowly, wildland gear is only 1 layer. By the time you realize that you are too hot its really too hot. An instructor once told about a guy that melted his nylon underwear. The guy working next to him at a small grass fire was actually taking more heat but was fine. You can imagine how melted underwear would ruin you week. Wear cotton underwear,socks, T shirt, and blue jeans under wildland coveralls. This goes for both male and female firefighters.
    Our VFD recommends that you wear turn out gear at large hay fires. Because of limited water supplies in our area we usually have to wait until the hay burns out. To speed this up we tear the bales apart. It gets too hot for wildland gear. We carry our turn out gear along to most wildland fires just in case. The trucks get kind of crowded but we have learned to live with it.

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