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    Post Keeping Fit In Winter?

    I'm a new Red Card, just got it in October.
    Would like some ideas on how to stay fit over the winter. I'm using my tread mill and doing set-ups and push-ups. Thanks for any ideas!

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    One thing that I try to do is to load up my pack with weight(bag of birdseed,rocksalt,etc.)and take hikes around the neighborhood.I have a pre-measured walk that I take and I use a stop watch to track my time.You can be outside and still keep your cardio up so when pack test time comes around you will finish with time to cheer on your buddies.Don't wait untill the day of the test to think your in shape. Good Luck and WATCH OUT.

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    Run, walk, ride bike, weight lifting (no max lifting), check the IAFF fitness standards excellent information. Also, the NWCG has came out with a book called Fitness and Work Capacity NFES 1596 April of 1997, again excellent info.


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    the best I can recommend for you bud is to run 4 to 5 miles a day and have a diet of meat and lots of fish and poultry. Also go hiking as much as you can with a pack of about 45 to 55 pounds. Carry lots of water and everything you need to survive if you get lost!It happens a lot!Also do a lot of squats and practice digging ditches and then filling them back up so you don't have a fall patient!I hope this was good for you and if you want more advice please email me!

    Cody B.
    usfs firefighter

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    If you got your red card in October, bet you had better check...card most likely expired on December 31, 2000. But if you stay fit during the winter, you should have no problem getting red carded again for the 2001 season.

    Be Careful and stay safe

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    I try to take a strenuous hike a few times a week with at least a 45 lb. pack on my back. You can do that either outside or on a treadmill. High altitude, like it is here, is also a plus

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