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    Captain Hickman Guest

    Thumbs up Florida

    To my fellow fire fighters in the State of Florida, I can't seen any rain your way. But would a Icicle help? Hope your weather cycle changes before long..

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    Aerial 131 Guest


    Same for me, but no icicles, but the fog with 100 yard visibility is interesting going on 24 hours with nothing but fog in any direction.

    Don Zimmerman

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    gls779 Guest


    Looks like CA could use some to Weatherman said they are dry now and just starting there dry season. Hopefully GOD will bless both!!!

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    The state of Texas has been on fire the past two years, but now what we are concerned about is getting our trucks stuck n the mudd. We have experienced a very wet winter so far( about 20" of precip. in the past two months) and hope it will carry over for awhile. you guys be carefull and stay safe out there!


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    Captain Hickman Guest



    Being from that part of Texas, looks like you might be able to wait for the ground to freeze and drive the trucks out. Although you're south of Austin it may take awhile for it to freeze. I sometimes wonder about Texas weather though. Rain north of Dallas, Ice in Dallas, and Snow in Ft. Worth.. Is Texas upside down?

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    jalbritt Guest


    Capt. Hickman, 2000 was the second driest year on record and we get our third freeze tonite. Without a good rain for several days Florida will burn this year. John H Albritton retd. Fire Chief Sarasota Fla

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