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    A lot of time on a nat. cover fire in the woods our brush rig is too big to get into a lot of places. A smaller rig about the size of an ATV would be just the ticket. Problem is, anything commercial is too darn expensive. Has anyone built a brush rig or something, say a small jeep or something that carries 50-100 gal. of water that works well?

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    What about one of those poly tanks on the tail of the atv, with a small Honda or Shindawa pump and "toy hose" (that pencil hose used alot for mop-up). I think Forestry Suppliers just about has the complete set-up. You might want to speak with the Buffalo River Fire Use Module, down at Buffalo National River as they run a few atv's.


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    The area where I am from one of the local hand crews have a ATV. This ATV has six wheels, a 55 gallon tank, a small pump and some compartments. They use both one inch and 5/8 inch hose and it also carries small hand tools and water bladders. This unit The ATV its self is made by Polaris. It works very well in tight areas.

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