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    Lightbulb Wildland Firefighting Jobs in SE Oregon

    The Burns Interagency Fire Zone (BIFZ)has posted a number of jobs for wildland firefighters. The zone is cooperative unit including the BLM, FS and Oregon State Department of Forestry. BIFZ is located in southeastern Oregon. The zone protects about 5 million acres of BLM, FS, State and some Private land. On average there are approximately 60 to 70 fires per year on the zone. Fires range in size from 0.1 to thousands of acres. The zone also has a number of different fuel types. Sagebrush dominates in the south and ponderosa pine in the north. The zone also has a very active prescribed fire program. In the last 5 years the zone has burned on average 15,000 acres per year in the prescribed fire program. A list of the jobs can be found on the Burns BLM web page (http://www.or.blm.gov/Burns/Fire/firepg_index.htm)under the Fire MGT section. There are links directly to the job announcements in USAJOBS. Check out the picture on the page. It was taken on the zone during a wildfire in 1999

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    With the addition of another 3500 opening in the Federal System. There are several places to start looking of the chance to get in. http://www.fs.fed.us/fsjobs/ US Dept of Agriculture (Forest Service) will give you a good starting place to look for information.

    Along with JARose, address provided if you look in BLM's Page http://www.nc.blm.gov/jobs/ you can pick up some additional areas of possible employment.

    Then if you are in a real hurry to look for a job. Check out Wildlandfire.com at: http://www.wildlandfire.com/jobs.htm http://www.wildlandfire.com/jobs/462.htm and http://www.wildlandfire.com/jobs/455.htm

    Some are located on the East Coast (North Carolina area), but the largest part of the opening west of the Mississippi.

    Good Luck with the Job Hunt...wish I was 30 years younger.

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