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    Post Age restriction and wild land fire fighters

    The headline on todays web page "Forest Service to hire 3500" needs to be addressed.
    As Mr. Harvey says "And now for the rest of the story"

    Yes the U.S. land agencies are going to hire thousands of wild land fire fighters for the 2001 fire season. What they do not tell the public is they are not allowing hundreds of well trained and experienced fire fighters apply.

    I have spent over fifteen years in the fire service in one form or another. And in that time I worked two seasons with the Forest Service and I just finished my seventh season with the National Park Service.

    As you may know that most wild land fire jobs are seasonal in nature, you work until the rains or snow falls. And you plan your life around fire season. Your pay isn't all that great,and the rental unit that Uncle Sam charges you for has more mice then work burners on the stove and of course you haven't any benefits. But you put up with that in hopes of landing that " permanent job in the sky".
    Well wouldn't you know it, my position finely become "permanent" after nine seasons I have a shot at a career with the Park Service, Great, WRONG!!!
    Because of a mandatory retirement age of 55, I am considered to old and can not apply for the same job I have filled for the last five years. Keep in mind that job was still mine if it remained a seasonal position.

    After years of fire fighting experience and training (Paid By Your Tax Dollars)with the Park Service, I no longer have a job! But they will turn around and hire someone who might not have all the training and not as much experience but dam it he/she will be young!

    Who would you want protecting your homes and lives from a wild land fire, someone with the minimum training requirements or someone with years of training and fire experience?

    I would like to hear from anyone who has had the same problems in getting hired.
    aid by your tax dollars)

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    I believe that a recent change in the age has the hiring limit up to 57 years of age. check that out. But, I also thought that age discrimination was not legal. Local, state and federal laws prohibit age discrimination.
    If you can pass the work capacity tests, then one is supposed to be able to get hired.


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    I believe the mandatory retirement age is set by Office of Personnel Management, not USFS or NPS or anyone else. The age restriction was raised to 57 if you hire on after a certain time period which would not allow you to reach the 55 years old, and 20 years of service that qualifies as primary and secondary firefighter. The mandatory retirement is a blessing if you look at the career people who are putting in thier time as a firefighter or law-enforcement. It is the pits if it restricts young people from entering. Right now there is a lot of heart burn with the hiring due to many district offices not being able to reach commited seasonals who are in competition from a large pool of rookies.

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