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    mpeterson Guest

    Question WHIFFS

    I recently received some information on WHIFFS Wildfire Hazardous Inhalation Firefighter's Filtration System and would like to know if anyone has had some hands on experience with them??


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    fireflyer Guest

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    WHIFFS is about the best product for respitory protection right now. I belong to a structural firefighting company and we use them for overhaul. However, we get our share of grass fires. I have used their mask and filter on both. I keep it with me at all times now when fighting fire. I leave without the normal headache and nasty black nose later on. They are really easy to breathe in (in fact, I have to remind myself I won't run out of air, it feels like an SCBA the air is so easy to breathe). I highly recommend using the mask. We responded to a factory fire in another county the other week and two of use used the Whiffs and the other two did not. The two who used the mask had no problems, the others had a bad headache and cough afterwards. It does what it is advertised to do, filter out toxins (save carbon monoxide). Hope this helps!!

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    Neil Murphy Guest


    We also use WHIFFS. I have found them to work very well in Wildland Fires and we do have some FFs that use them during overhaul. I am not real comfoprtable with there use during overhaul operations because of the toxic gases, CO and others. There is no seal to prevent inhalation of those gases.

    It is great for filtering the air-borne particulate matter. I would be really careful not to expect to much in overhaul situations without thorough research into the capabilities of the WHIFFs to filter toxic gases.

    Neil Murphy,CFI
    Unified Investigations & Sciences, Inc.
    Elizabethtown Fire Dept.
    Elizabethtown, NC

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    WVFD EMT Guest


    I use the Hot Shield and have had good luck with it, some guys on our crew also use the Whiffs system and seem pretty happy with them, I think it's just personal preference, either way it's better then the old bandanna

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