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    Post How do you copyright pictures?

    I have some good pics of the Valley Complex and the sula blowup. How do I get them copyrighted so I don't get ripped off? I've been afraid of posting them anywhere so I don't get screwed out of some money. I have some good fire behavior pics I'd like to get published in a textbook. thanks for your help.

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    As soon as your pictures are in hardcopy (a print) they are covered by copyright laws. You may want to include the copyright info on the corner of the picture

    yourname (copyright symbol) year

    Midwest Emergency Responce Team

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    Which crew were you on and which division.

    I was at the Valley Complex from August 2- August 16 on a Type II Structure Engine. We were on Division Y at Sula on August 6 about 1.5 miles north of Highway 93 on the East Fork Road near the Sula Club House. I forgot my camera but I am trying to track down a firefighter from the Maine #2 (MES#2)handcrew. He was taking pictures as they were burning out from our wet line around a house and beating a retreat across a field. That house was saved along with the barns and equipment. That day will forever be etched in my memory.


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    One Lick: here's another thought about your pictures from Montana this summer, and getting "screwed out of some money" for your pictures.
    From your profile, you're from back East, and probably came out West as part of a fire crew paid for by the Federal government? Just like Johnny Mac from the Alaska Fire Service who took the fantastic shot that's been universally called the "Elk Bath", you aren't able to copywrite photos that were taken while your were on the payroll. Since Uncle Sam paid for the travel and your time, the pictures are in the Public Domain and can be used free of charge by anyone.
    A private citizen, or commercial photographer, who pays their own way to Montana or any other wildfire and doesn't get an hourly salary for fighting fire, can sell their work to the highest bidder.
    Label me, too, as one who has enjoyed many "Kodak moments" during blowups, but never even recovered the cost of the film.....except in the outrageous memories of having been there!!!! And few in our world ever have those experiences! Be happy that you were being paid to be there...!

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