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    Captain Hickman Guest

    Exclamation Are you ready?

    Have been watching the news and found this on UPI site.

    Thought you might be interested.
    Stay Safe this year

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    Brat Guest


    Captain, We can only pray for some Spring snow and rain. Here in South Dakota we got a lot of snow so we won't be dry for a little while. Maybe the rest of the west can catch some moisture before summer. The NWS can not make up their minds on a long range forecast so we can only hope. On the other hand I talked to a firefighter the other night that is hoping for an active season, said he needed the money. I told him to get a better paying job, we don't need any fires.

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    P Bishop Guest

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    Captain Hickman

    I haven't wrote any thing for quite a while now. I believe I read last summer or fall that you got a promotion. Congradulations!

    The snow pack and moisture levels in Southern Idaho are starting to concern people. The snow pack is low in the mountains and will melt quickly if it turns warm. If we don't get lots of good spring rain this summer will be another bad one. We don't need that again, but don't have much control over things like that.

    Never the less we are are starting to get things ready to go, equipment work and refreshers scheduled.


    P. Bishop

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    bmfpd821 Guest


    Here in Colorado concerns seem to be the same. We are down 30% on snowpack locally. Weather trends right now are warm and lots of locals are starting to worry. Remember to start training and preparing early. I already have my wildland pack ready to go. It could be a busy one. Let's hope for the best though.


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    Aerial 131 Guest


    The Northwest is not looking good at all as well. Southeast Washington is as dry now as it was last June just before the 24 Command Fire or so it seems. We all could be wishing for early snow the fall.

    Don Zimmerman

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    KGM Guest


    New Mexico is kinda spotty on snowpack.

    Los Alamos is above average (The Ski Area near Los Alamos has recieved 7 feet since the beginning of the year.)Now we have to worry about spring spring flooding.

    We are still low on moisture in my home canyon (Between Taos and Angel Fire) I really don't want to see a year like last year, but I am ready.


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    Jmorgan Guest


    I went to the National Severe Storms Workshop in Norman,OK this weekend and listened to a lecture on fire weather and saw a map of the US moisture levels and Florida and the northwest were low. I believe the speaker said the northwest was 10 inches below normal.
    I think its going to be another big year
    But who knows just have to wait and see.

    FF2 in Arkansas

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