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    Post Rookie looking for.......

    Hey guys I am a college student that was hired for a seasonal job at a local refuge. I have posted a topic a while ago and got slow responce. I am attempting this again. What good advise could you give me for my first wildland fire season? I have already started walking/training for the pack test.
    What do most of you do besides this? Like during the off season what other jobs do you do??
    Thanks for the help.

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    Im in college like you pursuing a degree in firescience. I'm also a volunteer FF.

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    The best advice I can tell you is to pay attention to things around you on the fire. Know where your escape routes and safety zones are, pay attention to the weather - as weather is the largest factor in fire behavior. Learn from mistakes you make or see being made. This is especially true if you want to make a career out of this type of work.
    It can be a fun line of work - hard at times, both in activity and waiting for something to happen. If you stick with the USFWS, you stand a good chance of getting some good training, since they are an under-represented agency.
    Good Luck and be safe.

    I HATE spot fires!!

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    Well I live in Texas and with the dry summer we had in 00 we ran 3 large wildland fires a week. Staying in shape is a good idea. Also, don't try to be super man, when you get too hot and tired take a break and drink plenty of water at the fire. Also, our SOP is if we are fighting it from the brush truck we stay on the already burned portion as much as possible to increass safety. Like said before be aware of your suroundings, know escape routes and weather, also know where your nearest water source is and be familiar with oother area departments and if you can get mutual aid.

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    The best thing I can tell you is to stay in shape, run, bike, hike, whatever just stay in good shape. Also listen to your squad bosses, or crew bosses, just try to learn as much as possible. Most important STAY SAFE!

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    The biggest thing I see people having trouble with is hydration. If you know you are going to a active fire gulp down 2 water bottles full of like a drink like gatoraid. Then drink 1 ever 20-30 mins. If your not peeing your not hydrated. Camel Backs are good for this.



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    Fitness is a year-round thing. Firefighting is all about teamwork. Don't be the weakest link. Focus on endurance, not strength.

    You'll never see an "old head" race into something. Be aware of whats around you and not just what is infront of you.

    Drink, Drink, DRINK! ! ! !

    Be aware, take care, stay safe.

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    Congratulations on being hired at the refuge. As far as training the only thing I suggest is keeping in shape. Good Luck

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    If you get the chance, take part in prescribed burns. It will help you understand what fire does, and why it does it. DON'T BE AFRAID TO ASK QUESTIONS!!!
    Hopefully you will have an understanding crew boss who will help guide you.
    Sounds like you are getting hired onto an established crew. The state I'm from only likes to put 5-6 rookies on a crew for a 2 week assignment. Hopefully you aren't getting put on a crew with more than that.
    Good luck and enjoy it! (I'm jealous! *grin*)

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    I agree with most everything being said about how you should always drink. HOWEVER, you should never drink anything like Gatorade or any other sports drink. If the heat is getting to you and you start to become dehydrated when you drink one of those your stomach starts digesting because of the sugar in those drinks. If that happens you can get sick as a dog and start puking all over the place. And trust me its not easy to fight fire while you are loosing your lunch. Stick with water and make sure to pop an occasional salt tablet if you have been on scene for awhile.

    When the defecation hits the oscillation I'll be there.

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    I can only say, to take the time to go through the 10 standard fire fighting orders and 18 watch out situations. You will only get killed if you violate these.


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