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    Question What do you carry?

    I just got a job for the forest service this summer. This is my first season and I would like to know what you carry in your packs and how many packs you carry? Any other info would be helpful.


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    Well, that really depends on the type of operation your doing and for how long. IF you got room in you pack and the extra weight won't kill you TAKE IT.
    But here are some starters:

    Extra clothing (socks and underwear especially), for a big fire you may want some toiletries, paracord (small military rope), small snacks, pocket knife, and the rest is very dependent on what your doing.

    Hope that can give you a starting point.

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    I generally work Type 6 engine work. I take everything and anything I possibly can, you never know how long you are going to be out. A general rule that has been passed around in the past is when packing clothing pack in 7's. 7 pairs of underwear, 7 pants, 7 shirts, 21 pairs of socks. That way you only need to wear things 3 times if you are on a 21 day tour. Now a days they are cutting back to 14 day tours. So you only have to wear it twice. The socks, I like to wear 2 pair at a time and the pair next to my skin goes to the outside and a new pair on every 6 hours. I also reccomend a good book. You kinda decide yourself...that is the best way.

    Stay safe,


    If in doubt - Call us out

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    This will be my third season on a wildland crew, we all carry the basics, like socks, snacks, small first aid kit, spare boot laces, belt weather kit. The rest is just personal preference, just make sure your gear is not too heavy, if you don't need it , don't take it!

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    Well, Mark440 seems to have the system down for fire assignments. I'm sure you can figure out the main things so I'll throw in some of the fine points.

    Line Gear:
    -Felt tip marker (essential)
    -Write-in-Rain notebook and pen
    -60 feet of Paracord (trust me)
    -At least one roll of flagging (even if you're not a squad boss or higher)
    -Two webbing compression straps (good for slinging hose/miscellaneous securing)
    -Fourpack of extra batteries
    -Earplugs x 3-4 packs (a good trick is to keep them in the top button hole of your nomex shirt so they're immediately available)
    -1 red, 1 green, 1 white cyalume light stick (so the dozer/engine doesn't hit you at night)
    -Small travel-size tube of toothpaste with sawed-in-half toothbrush (trust me, this will be nice to have)
    -Bastard File (There's nothing I hate more than a dull tool)
    -Bottle of Iodine pills (for when your squad boss got you all lost and you're dying of dehydration)

    Bag of Tricks: To be kept in line gear
    -Tree of fittings (Double male, double female, reducer 1 1/2" to 1", reducer 1" to 3/4", 3/4" gated wye)
    -Two nails
    -Two medium-sized pipe clamps
    -Large safety pin (kept easily-assessable for cleaning out backpack pump nozzles)
    -8" section of backpack pump hose or equivalent (I've used this as a Mark III fuel line before)
    -Section of tire innertube (to act as patches and/or gaskets)

    This is by no means complete and must be customized to daily assignments/personal needs. Obviously If you're working a wilderness fire with no water support you can leave the fitting tree at camp. It's all common sense.

    P.S. If anyone else has any more suggestions/ things you've found that go good in a "bag of tricks" please let me know.

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    My line pack I carry
    -good quality rain poncho
    -emergency space blanket
    -Toilet Paper(mre tp is only good for sanding floors)
    -halls cough drops(keeps the nose boulders moving)
    -socks x2
    -extra boot laces
    -paracord x20ft
    -flagging x1 roll
    -MRE(I know its nasty, but hunger prevails sometimes)
    -short bastard file
    -then all the other stuff, fusees, matches,hotshield,extra gloves,batteries for clamshells and headlamps(make sure that they use the same batteries...nice conveinance)...the list can be endless, but you have to be adaptable to the situation..these are just the basics. Usually, by the end of the season, you look like MacGuyver with all the stuff you have hanging on your pack and harness.

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    An additional two cents:
    -a good set of EMT trauma shears
    -couple of packs of Mole Skin for blisters
    -personal first-aid kit (few bandaids, asprin, cold tablets, antihistamine tablets, burn ointment, antibiotic cream, pair of rubber gloves, tweezers, a few cotton swabs, couple of antiseptic towellettes, small roll of tape and gauze, an elastic bandage, and a small bar of hotel soap. (usually you can find the small individualy packaged items will fit into a small military pouch about 4.5 X 4.5 inches in size)
    -one set of metal camping type silverware (plastic's sometimes just don't cut it)
    -a one time use camera or cheep 35mm camera
    -and a couple of zip lock bags (large enough for camera and billfold...works great if you end up in Florida were sweat it profuse)

    You'll find after a trip or two, that you will develop a pack to meet your own needs. You'll find the lighter the better and some of the stuff, you can leave in your pack in camp or on the rig. Depending on the assigned task.

    Good Luck

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