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    Zook@MERT Guest

    Question New Fire Dept.

    We are looking into a private contract for a Wildland team, unfortunatly we are not well financed and getting a brush truck may be too much for us.

    I noticed that there are a bunch of grants available for fire departments. does anyone know if we would be able to creat a department? and if we could how would a person go about it?

    anothe down side to the private contract is that workmans comp insurance they require you to have. That stuff is a fortune. Is there any way around that?

    Thank you in advance for any help.

    Kaleb Zook

    Midwest Emergency Responce Team

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    LtStick Guest


    You may want to try your local forestry department. They may be able to help you out with some of your questions.
    As for workers comp I don't think theres any way around it. its something thats meant to help workers if there injured.
    Good luck with your team.

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    Ninevehfire146 Guest



    I'm sorry bud, but there is no way around the workmans comp issue. That is required by law in ALL 50 states, even for contract work like you are looking at. As for the equipment, our dept built a brush rig for $22,000 using a used 1998 Ford F450 4x4, and did all the work our selves. The truck has a 250 gallon tank, 2 200ft 3/4in poly hose reels with pistol grip commercial type nozzles, and a 15 hp briggs and stanton engine connected to a 350 gpm high pressure pump. The truck also carries varies hand tools needed for brush and grass fires. Hope this helps out some.

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