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    Exclamation WILDLAND TACTICS

    I see that many question in this forum relate to tactics and fire behavior. So I figured that maybe an open forum on tactics to give advice in the area. Wildland Firefighting may be the most dangerous form of firefighting, so lets make a collective of information in this area, so that on the next fire we will all be a little smarter and ultimately safer.

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    I guess i will start with the basic.

    F*ight fire aggressively but provide for safety first.

    I*nitiate all action based on current and expected fire behavior.

    R*ecognize current weather conditions and obtain forecasts.

    E*nsure that instructions are given and understood.

    O*btain current information on fire status.

    R*emain in communication with crewmembers, your supervisor, and adjoining forces.

    D*etermine safety zones and escape routes.

    E*stablish lookouts in potentially hazardous situations.

    R*etain control at all times.

    S*tay alert, keep calm, think clearly, and act decisively.

    Here is something that unless you have been around for a while I doubt you have been told about. LECS

    L*ookouts- make sure you know what and where (anything else) the fire is doing by having someone scout the area.

    E*scape routes- make sure that you have AT ALL TIMES 2 escape routes, and make sure that those escape routes are still good, because a fire will change its game plan!

    C*ommunications- make sure that there are enough radios that your firefighters know what is going on. (working in teams help if you have a small supply of radios and lots of firefighters)

    S*afe areas- this is an area that will not burn again or won't burn at all, it is a place to go if the fire turns bad. Safe areas should be pretty big.


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    Important thing to remember: A Safe Zone is an area that is safe without deploying a fire shelter.


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