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    Question Breaking in your new boots?

    I just got a new pair of smokejumpers from Whites. I wound like to know the best way to break in the boots. What do you do or use?


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    Heard from a lot of old timers "wear them in a bathtub full of warm water until it soaks into you feet and wear them til' they dry"

    I just wore my whites all the time at work. My career dept. provided them for wildland work but if we keep them looking good, we can wear them as our duty boots.

    Good luck!

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    I was issued a pair of Red Wing boots as a fire tech this summer. Four days later I shipped out to Apalachicola NF in FL for a two-week assignment. It turned out to be a big water show. When I wasn't running the pumps I was was on the other end of the hose. The constant wetness combined with the FL swamp sand broke them in better than I had ever hoped for. I had perfectly broken-in boots for subsequent assignments in FL, MT, and ID.
    As far as boot maintainence goes I use primarily Neats foot oil. It keeps the leather from cracking or rotting. We made it our practice to apply a light coat every friday after PT. For winter storage one heavy coat will do.
    Also, make sure you remember your boot care stuff on fire assigments. That western dust will dry your boots right out.

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    Get ready for the gasps of dismay and horror...I broke my whites in by filling each boot with boiling water and let them sit for 5 minutes. Then dump the water, put on 2 pair of socks and wear them until their dry. Once dry, be VERY liberal with the boot oil, I use Pecards boot oil that I bought from Whites. Apply the oil with a sponge paint brush for the first 2 or 3 times then get religious with keeping them oiled and clean and they should last a long time before you have to have them rebuilt.

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    Contact Whites and see what they say - they probably have a web site with info.

    I recently bought some 10" Hot Shots from Nicks boots, and they told me that wearing them in water will possibly hasten the break-in process, but mainly what water treatment does is dry out the leather. Their advice was to simply wear them as much as you can for as long as you can - this leather is damn thick around the ankle and hurt for a while but is OK now.

    The nicksboots.com web site also has info. on treating boots - they suggest Obenaufs Leather Preservative made from beeswax - which happened to be developed by a wildland firefighter. They also tell you things to avoid, like most oil-based treatments.

    Be safe and kick some ***.

    Captain Michael Guy
    Lyons Fire Protection District
    Lyons, Colorado

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    If only there was an easy way.. The hot water thing worked for me... Just dont forget the oil them after..

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    All great ideas. Here in Alaska the choice for treating White's seems to be Huberd's Shoe Grease. Works really good especially on the White's. Be preparde for blisters during the break in process-really important to wear good socks.

    Have fun.......

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