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    I was just curious as to if any of the readers of this Forum group will be attending the Colorado Wildfire Academy this June in Montrose.

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    No, I will not be. My dad however will be in the area taking some classes at the same time and will be dropping by.

    Stay safe,


    If in doubt - Call us out

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    I was going to go last year but the Cerro Grande Fire came along.
    I would like to go this year, banning all natural disasters.
    Where do we get info on this academy?

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    The info is posted at their website: www.cowildfireacademy.com

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    I have attended the Colorado Academy on several occasions. It is an excellent academy and I recommend taking it in if you can.

    There are several other wildland fire academies held annually that are also excellent experiences. One of my favorites is held anually by the Texas Forest Service. It is called, "The Capital Regional Academy" and it is held in Bastrop, Texas in the mid to later part of October. The TFS also holds another annual Academy at Lufkin, Texas in mid May.The web site is: www.ticc.fws.gov Check it out.

    The New York State DEC also holds an academy on Long Island, NY late October to early November: Call-631-444-0270 for info.

    These types of academies are springing up in other states as well, i.e., Alabama, Georgia, Utah and others.

    A trained firefighter is a safer firefighter!


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    Thumbs up

    Definitely agree. There are a lot of opportunities for training and a wonderful time to network and share stories and experiences. Well, I'll be at the Colorado Academy and the New York Academy. Lots of good classes and good friends.

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    As our training officer I have scheduled 11 of our folks to attend various classes this year - an excellent set of courses put on by equally excellent individuals.

    Increased training = increased safety.

    Captain Michael Guy
    Lyons Fire Protection District
    Lyons, Colorado

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    Nate Marshall
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    This year should be the best ever. Since most of Rocky Mountain Regions IMT's arent out yet many of the IMT officers will be at the academy if this doesnt change. Good opportuity to meet Steve Hart and Joe Hartman and Carvelho and many others from Cerro Grande, High Meadow, Bobcat and Bitteroot Valley fame.

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