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    Question Soft sided Indian Tanks? What do you use?

    I was wondering what other companies use for Indian type tanks? My company only carries 8 steel tanks and we purchased 2 soft sided one from Fire Hooks unlimited. The soft sided ones are far more comfortable but I have far more time in maintance in them than actual use time. Does anyone else make them? What do you use?


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    What the hell is an "Indian Tank"? You best be careful calling them "Indian Tanks" or you will have the ACLU and other activists on your door-step beating it down because you are a "racist" and "name-caller"

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    Indian is the name of the company that makes/made them. WE use Them and a soft pack out of GSA. I have one of the Fire Hooks tanks and haven't had any problems. What have you found out in your useage of them?

    PS Throw some Class A in there as well.

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    Indian cans have been around longer than I have been and they have been used extensively over the years. Variations of the "principle" of this type of water tank include the soft pack, a molded plastic tank (similar in dimension to the steel or galvanized Indian can) and a product called a "vest tank". The vest tank is like wearing a vest with water being stored in front and rear of the vest. I have used the regular Indian cans and the soft packs for years without any major problems. Good maintenance and frequent cleaning seem to be the best measure for elimination of problems.

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    We've got several of the old fashion indian tanks, They get the job done same as they always have, but I hate carrying those things around. But we do have 2 newer, soft tanks. I can't recall what brand they are right now, but I really like them, they are much easier to carry, and loads more comfortable which will decrease fatigue. They consist of a yellow nylon back pack, that a plastic "bladder" rides in. The hose connects with a quick disconnect to the cap of the bladder which is at the bottom of the pack, and is pumped in the usual fashion.

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    We too have the soft "vests". These are much more comfortable to wear, and probably hold as much water (maybe more) than the Indian-type tanks.

    Some hints on use...
    Someone suggested some class A foam. Try it and see if you like it. Might be more practical in the metal tanks though, it will be easier to rinse it out afterwards. The DNR here in the state uses foam on just about everything they respond to.
    Another suggestion is to use the "straight" bore on the end of the nozzle and put your finger over the tip to force it into a fan shape. Wider coverage and more efficient use of water.

    As far as I know, we haven't ever had any problems with our vests, and they are much easier to store since they are not as rigid as the metal tanks.

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    **cpr4u** you need to take a chill pill! They've been calling them indian tanks since the 40's and before. If it offends you just don't think about it. There great little tools, perfect for anything from grass fires to large forest fires! Even small house fires like trash cans, and matress fires! Best of all, the forest service has tons on their trucks so you just accidently forget to give it back, and you never need to buy new ones....

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    For information on Indian Fire Pumps and Fedco back pack fire pump contact:
    NEW YORK MILLS, NY 13417

    Phone: 800-311-9903
    Fax: 315-768-4220

    I think you'l find the products very useful. They have the metal Indian cans, the poly backpacks, and the soft backpacks.

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