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    Nate Marshall Guest

    Post Wildfire Codes

    Does anyone have any good ideas for codes as it pertains to wildfire.
    Areas such as access, water supplies (as in how many houses in a new subdivision before you require a municipal water supply), grade of roads ( i recommend 6-7% maximum), as well as any standards you use to grade structures and or propertiesincluding your triage system in case of the ineveitable.

    skitown usa

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    Captain Hickman Guest


    If you have access to NFPA Standards, check NFPA 299 (1997). It's about 10 chapters long covering: Wildfire Hazard Severity Analysis for improved property, Creation of Defensible Space, Means of access and evacuation, Signage, Water Supplies, Structural Location-Design-Construction, Public fire safety information and education, and community planning for protection of life and property from Wildfire.

    NFPA Standards are just that, Standards, not Codes. Your department could adopt NFPA Standards as Codes or use parts of them to build your own set of Codes. Just don't bite off more than you can chew. Seen one department adopt the entire NFPA Standards as a set of Codes for their community, later to find out that they had neither the funds or power to meet or enforce them.

    Don't know if it would answer all your questions, but might give you a start.


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    mtnfireguy Guest



    You may also want to take a look at the 1997 Urban/Wildland Interface Code from ICBO|4

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    Nate Marshall Guest


    I have looked at ICBO Interface Code its very thorough.

    There is some other data that is useful in NFPA 1051 particularly in the new structure protection specialist and structure triage specialist positions.

    I think wildfire is one area most code officials forget about.

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