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    Cool Wildland Gear

    What is good to carry in your web gear while on a fire?

    This message in no way represents the thoughts the SAFD or its members. This is my thoughts only!

    Look to live! Be safe in all situations.

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    A lot depends on what your assignment is. The necessary gear differs from what ground pounders carry; what engine crews carry; what helitack crews carry; etc.
    The basic gear should include a fire shelter, drinking water, flagging, fusees, cord, needed personal protective equipment, etc. Check with some of the folks in your area to see what they carry and/or check with the recommended list in the S-130 training books.
    Just remember to bring what you need as you may be out quite a distance from where your "stash" is and also you'll be carrying what you bring for the operational period.

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    You might also want to check the message asked by SMOKENJOE titled "What do you carry"
    on this forums page. There are a lot of good replies which should give you a pretty good idea of what to pack and carry with you.

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    A few Balance Bars in a zip lock bag... got to have a quick boost when you waiting for more hose / water / air drop Etc...

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