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    Lightbulb Structural vs Wildland-Equipment

    I have been reading, with great interest, the many comments and responses to the Wildland Forum about the use or lack thereof for the proper PPE to wear at wildland-W/UI fires. For many years I have been talking about, writing about and "preaching to the Fire Choirs" about this important firefighter health and safety issue.It is a life safety matter that needs more attention so that the message is finally heard and understood by all firefighters of all ranks whether career, call, volunteer, structural or wildland in all geographic areas in this country.

    The message is simple enough. "Wear the correct PPE for the job at hand." When I teach the federal/National Wildfire Coordinating Group's (NWCG)class, S-205/Fire Ops in the W/UI, to firefighters, I spend a lot of time explaining and showing them what correct PPE to wear at wildland-W/UI fires. Health and safety issues related to PPE are discussed, in depth.

    In my travels I am seeing more and more firefighters wearing the correct PPE. And that is great to see. However, I still see too many other firefighters NOT wearing what they should at wildland-W/UI fires. Change comes slow to the fire services, this we all know. Not an excuse. Just a fact of our lives. I think that with the new funds from grant and/or other money sources that more and more firefighters will be donning the correct PPE. Hope springs eternal.

    For your information...This June the International Association of Fire Chiefs will hold a national teleconference to discuss "Wildland vs Structural" firefighting equipment, PPE and other subjects germane to the issue of the structural fire services becoming increasingly invloved with wildland-W/UI fires. I suggest that you and/or your chief contact the IAFC for more information on this obviously important topic.

    Do not hesitate to contact me for any further information on this subject.


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    I agree with you. And now we're getting a chance to do it, our Department borders a National Park Service installation and is eligible for the grant put forth by the Department of Interior this month. Basically we're going to get 25 sets of pants and shirts rated for wildland fire ops. Along with hardhats and goggles, it'll cost us about $350.00 with the 10% match we'll put up. If any Departments border a BLM,DOI, or NPS area (ours is a national military park), don't miss out on this program, it's a gimme.
    Time is limited, so get with your local rep. if he hasn't already gotten ahold of you.

    And don't get sucked in by the retail catalogs, the GSA rate is less than half the price.

    Be Safe, Frank.

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