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    OneLick Guest

    Post Fireline packs

    Does anybody know what brand pack each shot crew uses?

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    mtnfireguy Guest


    There are a wide variety of packs out there. Many use "Pack Shack" packs. Some have packs that are custom made.

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    Logs Guest


    There are several manufacturers of fire line packs. Each of them have their own configuration and "personality" so to speak. Some shot crew members will swear by a certain brand of pack while others will swear at it. My suggestions is to find one that works best for you.

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    OneLick Guest


    I currently use the packshack panel load web gear pack, but am not satisfied with it. I'm trying to find out exactly which brand name they use to customize to suit their needs. ex. Nimrod, Bagmaker, etc. thanks for the info though

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