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    I was just wondering, we have several people in our department who seem to think that they don't need to listen to the chiefs or other line officers when on a brush fire...and will start doing things, that they may not be able too, for instance, cutting down trees and not correctly doing it and having the tree collapse on you. I just wondered if this was a normal thing, or if these people need put in there place.

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    I see nothing "normal" about freelancing. It is a dangerous practice for not only those that do it, but for the firefighters who may get injured or killed by their actions. The supervisory staff (squad bosses, crew bosses, line officers, chiefs, etc.) need to immediately take corrective actions. Although these "rogue" firefighters may feel they are doing good things, without a coordinated plan, somebody is bound to get hurt.

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    One suggestion to help solve your problem would be to talk to the fire inspector at your district DCNR office. He is the one in charge if it is on state lands, not the local fire chief. If these guys are not abiding to DCNR rules they can be kicked off the fire. In our district if you didn't get s-212 at fire camp then you don't run a saw. We are starting to utilize more organized crews on state lands rather than the local vfd. That helps alot in running the fireground better. Talk to your fire inspector, he should have the designation of XXX-10 whatever your district is like alpha 10,for distrct 1, bravo 10,for district 2, charlie 10,for district 3, etc. Hope this helps.

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    Believe me or not, I think all this is a symptom of weak leadership, and poor discipline. In most cases freelancing is indicitive of lack of mission. Everything we do in fire fighting and prescribed fire revolves around communications with intent, and applying the right skill levels at the right time. Organizational failure comes from inappropriate free lancing; it does need to be reined in and controlled with proper training and mentoring.

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    Monte - you are right on the target! Freelancers have absolutely no place on the fire line. We work as a team, regardless of agency, experience, or jurisdiction. Poor leadership is, unfortunately, rampant in our line of work. A strong IC or Crew Boss had better be able to fix the problem or he/she shouldn't be in charge!

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    This is something that is even more dangerous when an entire truck decides to do its own thing which happens probably more often than an individual going there own way. Down under these are the trucks and crews that more often than not find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time.
    These views are my own and not of either my brigade or any other organisation.

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