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    Question RED CARD

    What is this red card certification? I have wildland FF 1 throught the state of OKla.
    What is required for the "red card"?

    Student at Okla. State. U

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    Your certification through OK, is it NFPA Wildland Firefighter 1? The "Red Card" is NWCG (National Wildfire Coordinating Group) classes S-130 & S-190.

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    The Red Card is the minimum standard for wildland firefighters to get you on the fire line. To get the red card you must have at least S-130/S-190 and pass what is called the pack test. This test is normally administered by the State, though I am sure federal agencies can will and do administer it. After you show you have basic firefighter classes (S-130/S-190) you must walk a 3 mile distance with a 45 lb. pack and do this in under 45 minutes wearing 8 inch boots and long pants.

    The S-130/S-190 classes (along with others "S" type classes) are run by the NWFCG (National Wildfire Coordinating Group). This is a federal entity and they set the class curriculum (though anyone qualified can teach the class), to find out if you Firefighter I certification meets the requirements look and see if any of the "S" classes appear on it or call the school or agency you took it though and ask. Also you can look around this web page for more information:
    or look at your state's forest resource web page often times they have good information or call you local forest service office (state or federal) and ask to speak with someone in Fire Control division, they can tell you if your certification meets the requirements and when the next pack test is.

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    The "red card" is a red card that lists your wildland fire suppression and prescribed fire qualifications, and "trainee" positions. The positions are ICS and prescribed fire postions the National Wildfire Coordinating Group have approved. NWCG is made up of federal and state fire service agencies that most recently has allowed NFPA to become apart of. The red card itself has taken on a mystique much like repeating LCES and not knowing what we are talking about. The red card is specific to NWCG members and does not reflect qualifications of private contractors. Organizations that are sponsored by NWCG agencies often do get red cards, e.g. volunteer fire department personnel that meet the minimum training and physical abilities standards. I am interested to see how this shakes out with NFPA sitting on the throne too. Also, part of the minimum training not already mentioned is Standards for Survival, more innocuous training.

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    Yes, my okla wildland FF 1 is NFPA wildland FF 1.
    Shawn Clark
    Tulsa Fire Dept. E-23 "C Platoon"
    I.A.F.F. Local 176
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