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    What do you use for a brush unit? We are thinking about replacing our 1963 Studabaker 2 1/2 ton truck with 1 ton unit with a flat bed or utility type body. Just wondering what's being used out there. Any info will help.
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    What's your budget?

    We build Wildland units. You can see some of them by going to the following website.


    Even though you are in Virginia...we can sell and deliver in 5-7 weeks.

    We are negotiating with a Department in Loudoun County right now for one.

    You can have your equipment committee call me at 352-279-1377
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    Check the link to our unofficial website in my profile. It has pictures as well as descriptions of our brush trucks.

    As far as going from a 2 1/2 ton to a one ton, there are pros and cons. The obvious one is that you won't be able to carry as much water, but you'll be able to go some places you wouldn't go with a heavier truck.

    Here's the problem I have with putting a utility box on a small brush truck, and one of the reasons we have decided against it. By using a one ton truck, you shouldn't put more than about 200 gallons of water onboard. 200 gallons of water weighs 1760 pounds. That doesn't include tank, pump, hose reels, tools or people. Chances are, you will probably have the truck overloaded even if you use only 200 gallons because of the other equipment that will be carried. With the utility box, you you're going to want to carry alot of tools, foam, whatever will fit it them. This will further compound the weight problems. Also, if you're going to use your brush trucks the same as we do, the compartment doors will get banged around; half of them will get stuck and the other half won't close, eventually.

    Depends on your situation, but a flat bed works fine if you're just going to use the truck strictly for brush fires. If you need the truck to be multifunctional and carry more water or a lot of equipment, I'd go with a truck with a bigger payload and use the utility boxes. Just try to keep your drivers from scraping trees.
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    We got 2 brush trucks in my dept. one is a 54 willy's jeep with 50 gallons of water on it whith an electric pump on it with two garden nozzles on it. and the other is a 78 jeep with a john bean high preesure pump on it, carry less than 200 gallons of water on it. now say what you will, but these two jeeps have been around for a while and have saved the neighboring depts. several times. I guess the reason we go on a lot of mutual aid calls is that we ain't afraid to go in a fight the fire with them. we take them pretty much places no one else would think to go with there's. and they never seem to get stuck.

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    We obtained a couple of Army 5 ton 6X6 trucks. We had our shop build 1200 gallon tanks and brush bars. These things are like tanks. Ours are the newer trucks with the CTIS and automatic transmission. We used the older model 5 tons before and they worked great. Comments were made about using lighter trucks so we wouldn't get stuck as easy, but this proved to not be a problem.

    I don't see a whole lot of 5 tons surplus, but 2.5 tons are everywhere.

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