I would like to send my prayers to all the New York City
firefighters that risk there life every day in the pursuit of saving
life. I would like to send out a special prayer to the families of
Firefighter Chris Bopp, Lt. John Cavalieri, and Firefighter Jimmy
Bohan. They riskedm their lives in the line of duty and died as heroes.
They will always be remembered as heroes and they will never be

When I joined the Enfield, CT Fire Department District One -
Station One in March of 1997, there was one thing that I always dreamed
of doing. That was going into a fire to save someones life. I think
that has always been every firefighters dream. These three firefighters
died as heroes and that is how they should always be remembered.

All New York Firefighters should be commended for the job that they
do every day. I don't think there is a job any tougher than the one
that the heroes of New York Fire Department do every day. May
Firefighter Chriss Bopp, Lt. john Cavalieri, and Firefighter Jimmy
Bohan rest is peace and all the firefighters of New York including the
deceased be remembered as heroes.
Firefighter Mark Olson

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