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    Default Funeral Protocols

    Is there any book our department can purchase on proper procedures for a member funeral, or family member of a dept. member etc.. or does someone have a set of protocol our department can look at.

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    Contact one of our Honor Guard representatives to request copy. We are finalizing our departments policies.

    His name is Bobby Elliot and his email is:


    Charles Werner
    Charlottesville VA Fire Department


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    The Federation of Fire Chaplains can help in designing an SOP/SOG to prepare for a LODD

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    Yes, Federation of Fire Chaplains does have a book on funerals for LODDs. I am sure getting a copy of it would not be a problem. You can email me at HBC1off@aol.com or the executive director of FFC at ChapDir1@aol.com I am also familiar with Charlottesville's policies and they are good.

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    The NVFC has a book and pamphlet on Funeral procedures. The site is nvfc.org and the URL is http://www.nvfc.org/cf/rc_funeral.cfm

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