I could not make it to the Texas Motor Speedway this afternoon to attend the public memorial because I had to work the night shift in ICU (Im an RN). But I did attend the funeral processions...what a beautiful goodbye it was to our fallen heros, names I will never forget-Phillip Dean, Brian Collins, and Garry Sanders. I pray for their families, God only knows how they can deal with this big loss. Congrats to the birth of Elijah Phillip Dean. I am in awe of the firefigher community and the respect, pride, and comraderie they show for one another-they are an example that we should all follow. All three of the fallen firefighters were serving on volunteer FD's when they fought the church fire. In what other profession do you see people so dedicated that on their days off, they will VOLUNTEER their time to do the SAME job? Certainly not in nursing. If I worked with people like you find in the firefighter community, an extended family, I would risk my life, I would volunteer extra hours. Firefighters, you are all heros. God Bless you all. I have the utmost respect for all of you.