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    we are the soldiers of the untold story, we are the fighters of the ever deadly enemy.we give our lives so others may live, when the flames fade,and the smoke clears we walk from the ashes shedding no tears. we live our lives bravely,and fight till the very end,let our dear families know, we go in with our friend. and if our brothers fall, they are not alone not at all. we live our lives soundly and we live our lives true, just remember one thing we do it all for you. and let me say with a heavy heart not let our brothers fade and let us not come apart. for we are the unsung heroes,we come from all around. for in the distance you shall here the all to familiar sound. the sound of laughter, the sound of joy, remember one thing life is not a toy.and in the night you see their child, just look into their faces to see their daddies smile.remind them only there daddies were true, and to my brothers remember they'd do the same for you. for the fire has taken more lives again, remember who we wanted to be when we were only ten. and now i say to end my journey they lost their lives in the line of duty.

    to the brothers and families of our fallen heroes, we offer you our condolences

    madison fire district madison ohio

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