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    Frank Allen
    Firehouse.com Guest


    The thoughts and prayers of the officers and members of The Pindars Corners Fire Rescue go out to our brothers and thier families in Worcester. We are your family and we are with you.


    When I am called to duty, God,
    Where ever flames may rage
    Give me the strength to save some life,
    Whatever be its age.
    Help me embrace a little child
    Before it is too late;
    Or save an older person from
    The horror of that fate.
    Enable me to be alert,
    And hear the weakest shout,
    And quickly and efficiently
    To put the fire out.
    I want to fill my calling and
    To give the best in me;
    To guard my every neighbour and
    Protect his property
    And if, according to your will
    I have to give my life;
    Please bless with your protecting hand
    My children and my wife.
    - Author Unknown -

    Frank R Allen


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    Firehouse.com Guest


    The Officers and Members of Hose Company No.2 of the Secaucus Volunteer Fire Department wish to express our sympathy to the Families and fellow firefighters. In the passing of those brave Worcester Firefighters.

    Anthony Smentkowski Jr.
    Hose Company No.2
    Secuaucus Fire Dept.

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    Duvall-King Co. 45
    Firehouse.com Guest


    To the men and women of the Worcester Fire Department, your families, and friends. We send our deepest sympathies. You are in our thoughts and prayers.
    May God welcome those six who have given so much.

    Chief Bud Backer,
    King County Fire Dist. 45
    Duvall, Washington

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    T ony Hartman
    Firehouse.com Guest


    The members of Dresden Fire Department wish to send their deepest condolences to the family members and fellow members of the Worcester Fire Department. Such a great loss must be hard for everyone. May God be with you in this time of need.

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    S. McGinty
    Firehouse.com Guest


    My heartfelt prayers go out to the families, fellow firefighters, and friends of those lost in this devestating tragedy in Mass. May God lift them up and praise be sung for their ultimate sacrifice.

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    David O'Keefe
    Firehouse.com Guest


    The Westford Fire Dept. Local 3126 would like to give our deepest condolences to the friends and families of our fallen brothers of the Worcester Fire Dept. You gave the ultimate sacrifice, our prayers are with you, you truly are HEROES
    Lt.David O'Keefe
    Secretary Local 3126
    Westford Fire Dept.
    Westford, Ma.

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    Firehouse.com Guest


    On behalf of the Department of Veteran Affairs Police officers (VA Police) in Worcester Clinic, jamaica Plain and West Roxbury Campus. We offer our condolences and prayers to the Worcester Fire department and the families of our fallen public safety brothers. May Saint Florian watch over them.

    Michael Giannetti
    Union Steward
    Federal Police Benevolent Assocation

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    Firehouse.com Guest


    All the members of Local 1459, Swampscott Fire Fighters wish to express our deepest sorrow at your tragic loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with all your members and their families and especially for the families of our deceased bothers.

    John Chaisson
    President, Local 1459

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    Firehouse.com Guest


    The officers and members of the Ashland Ma Fire Department would like to offer our deepest sympathy to the families and the City of Worcester. We would also like to offer any services in this time of need. Our hearts are heavy and you will not be forgotten.


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    Firehouse.com Guest


    My deepest sympathy to the fallen brother firefighters in Worcester. This is a devistating blow to firefighters around the globe. Words can not express the deep fellings we all have. May god watch over our brave fallen brothers.
    Granby,MA Professional FireFighters
    Local 1725

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    Firehouse.com Guest


    It is with a heavy heart that I send my deepest sympathies to the families and members of the WORCESTER FIRE DEPARTMENT of this tragic loss. Words cannot express my sorrow. My prayers are with you all, and may god bless you.

    May god watch over and protect the loved ones left behind,and may my fellow fallen brothers rest in eternal peace.

    Dan Usenia
    North Providence Fire Dept.
    Rhode Island


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    Firehouse.com Guest


    I would like to extend my sympathy to the family, friends, and fellow firefighters of those who gave their lives last night. May you find comfort in knowing that they sacrificed themselves trying to save others and, for this, they truely are heros.

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    Firehouse.com Guest


    My thoughts and prayers go out to all members of the proud Worcester Fire Department and your families. My heart is heavy with saddness for the BRAVE SIX. You are gone but never, ever, ever forgotten.

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    joel porter
    Firehouse.com Guest


    my heart goes out to all of the familes who may have lost a love one due to this fire.

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    Firehouse.com Guest


    My sincere condolences and prayers go out to the families and friends of the Worcester Fallen 6.
    May God bless all of you at this time of unfortunate tragedy

    Dave Walsh

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    Firehouse.com Guest


    The Dracut MA Firefighters L-2586 send their
    thoughts and prayers to the families of our
    fallen brothers. We also keep in our thoughts our brothers and sisters of the Worcester Fire Department.

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    BFD #47
    Firehouse.com Guest


    It is with our deepest sorrow the Biddeford Career Firefighters sends it's condolences to our Brothers, Sisters and Families of our fallen comrades. Our prayers are with you all in this time of tradegy.

    William R. Langevin
    President Local 3107

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    Firehouse.com Guest


    It is with the heaviest of hearts that on behalf of the Cologne Fire/Rescue Dept I offer my deepest sympath to the family's of the 6 Firefighters. All our prayers are with you and the fellow members of the department. May God bless us all.

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    Firehouse.com Guest


    Our thoughts and prayers go out to the firefighters and thier families in Worcester Mass

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    Firehouse.com Guest


    I just wanted to say God bless those men who made the ultimate sacrifice lastnight for there fellow firefighters and traped victims, they will be sadly missed in the brotherhood. My prayers are with the families and friends of these's fallen hero's . God Bless there souls...

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