It is with great sorrow and sadness in my heart that I post my condelance to the Famlies and freinds of the Worcester Fire Department.

I am just an average citzen who did not personally know any of the courages firemen who were lost in that trajic event, But my heart is still heavy and my eyes well up with tears wheni saw the news account.

Please lets us not forgot who the REAL HERO'S are in this world. They are those who's job it is to serve there comuntiy with a very real possablity of not comming home. The first 2 fireman went into that blaze without hesitation an so did the 4 fireman who went into the fire to rescue the rescuer's

Those actions to me defines the word "HERO"

To the 15 children who's dads gave the ultimate price to there job, please take some solace in the fact you will not bealone in your sadness

I am not a fire fighter but i know the ultimate complment you can give a fire fighter is to say " they were a good joe "

So to the courages six I say " you all were good joe's " god bless you all may you rest in peace it will be well desrved

Just another sad but Gratful Person