To the families and of those who lost their lives at 266 Franklin street, and all of the staff and members of the Worcester, MA Fire Department:
As we continue our shift this evening you are in our thoughts. It is hard to imagine the pain you are going through right now. This has been a very sad 24 hours in the history of our service. Our extended family has suffered an incredible loss, and now will be faced with the challenge of rebuilding faith in things right and confidence in the duty we report to every third day. Our prayer is this:

Help us to find understanding in our hearts and minds concerning this loss. Be with those who need you most now Lord, and hold in your almighty hands the wives who lost husbands, the parents who lost sons, and the children who lost their fathers. We on earth do not understand these losses, but we have faith in your plan. Bless those in our service lord. Bless our families. Grant peace to those who need you tonight Lord, and may your hand guide us forever. Amen

Brownsburg Fire Department Stations 131,132
Indianapolis Metro Firefighters Local 416