I'm 14 years old but still understand your position. My dad, my grandfather, and my brother are all on our local fire department. On the night of the fire my entire family sat around the TV in complete shock of what was happening. I was terrified to think that those men were in there. My dad turned off the TV to listen to fire radio, Bolton was never called to help. In a way I was relieved but still sadened and even a little guilty. In my heart I felt happy that my dad wasn't there but then I thought what the children of the six men were feeling and wondered what I could do. My family sent some money to the fund and still plan to send a little more. I know money really doesn't help your pain and emptiness but it shows that people care. My grandfather died a few years ago and people sent flowers and money and cards to my dad, but he was still sad and that was the first time I had ever seen my father shed a tear untill the night of the worcester tradgedy.

With Great Sympathy and Sorrow