To all of the Worcester Firefighters, and their families. On behalf of Myself, and the New Albany Indiana Professional Firefighters Local 410,
I would like to express our deepest sympathies.
There are no words I can say to ease your pain in this time of terrible tragedy.

We are mourning the loss of our Brothers with you.

They are truly American Hero's, and America's Bravest.

I would like to share some thoughts from a past chief.

I have no ambition in this world but one. That is to be a Fireman. The position may in the eyes of some, appear to be a lowly one; but we who know th work which a fireman has to do believe his is a noble calling.

We strive to preserve from destruction the wealth of the world, which is the product of the industry of men, necessary for the comfort of both the rich and the poor.

We are the defenders from fire.

Our proudest endeavor is to save lives -
the work of God Himself.

Under the impulse of such thoughts, the nobility of the occupation thrills us and stimulates us to deeds of daring, even making the supreme sacrifice.

Such considerations may not strike the average mind, but they are sufficient to fill the limit of our ambition in life and to make us serve the general purpose of human society.

Edward F. Crocker
Chief of Dept. F.D.N.Y.

May God be with you all, in the coming weeks and months.

Sgt. Matt Bowyer
New Albany Indiana, Local 410