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    Bob Corry
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    Post Condolences to the Fallen Worcester Firefighters

    My deepest condolences to the families and loved ones of the fallen men, Worcester firefighters and to the City of Worcester. Take solice in that each of these heroes died serving the highest tradition of their profession - against all odds trying to save a human life.

    Detective Lt. Robert A. Corry, MSP
    Mass State Fire Marshal's Office (retired)

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    First, my condolences to the families of the men lost in this blaze. Sadly, it is at a tragic time like this that the whole world is reminded of the unselfish dedication to saving lives that fire and rescue people commit themselves to. It is also an event like this that gives young men their calling to the job, or the development of innovative new techniques and equipment. Perhaps some lives someday will be saved by the inspiration someone got this weekend. I would like to commend the Worcester Fire Dept. and the City of Worcester for the respect they have shown to these men and the professional and reverent way they have handled the situation.

    Kevin Kudzal
    Webster, MA

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