What makes a firefighter?
We know when we enter the fire service that the average firefighter has a life expectancy ten years shorter than the average non-firefighter; that our job has the highest mortality rate of any job on earth; yet we stick to it, fight for it, take great pride in it and most of us wish no other.
There is no sterotypical firefighter; we come in all shapes, sizes and persuasions. We may be married or single,sportsman or scholar. Cooping this diverse group of characters and interests up in one building to live, eat, work, and sleep together approaches no one's idea of paradise; yet we put up with it.
What do we hold in common? We are oriented to help people, and gain great satisfaction in doing so. We enjoy pitting ourselves against long odds and a merciless enemy and usually coming out victorious. There is a certain gratification in being able, by training and willpower, to force our bodies to enter and work in atmospheres and temperatures that the average person would not face at any price. We like working with people that we can depend upon, and who can depend upon us. We enjoy the public respect and affection that our profession brings to us and we like the feeling that, at the end of each shift, our actions have been to help and protect our fellow man, and not take advantage of him. (The California Fireman,1986)

On behalf of myself and the Westford Fire Department we ask that God with his protecting hand bless the families of the fallen Firefighters.