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    The Adams Forest Warden Association would like to express our condolences.We all pray for you and our firefighting brothers who lost there life.may you have the strength to get thru this tough time.

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    From all Firefighters Career to Volunteer this affects all of us deeply. Our thoughts and prayers are for the families of our brothers. May god watch over all of us.

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    On behalf of the members of the Gainesville District VFD in Prince William Co, VA, I extend our sincere condolences to the families and friends of the fallen ffs in Worcester. Though we cannot be at the service on Thursday, we will be there in spirit. Our thoughts and prayers will be directed your way in the hope you will find strength and support in each other now and in the days ahead.

    Earl Luhn
    President, GDVFD
    Gainesville, VA

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    To The Brother Firefighters In Worcester Mass. From Your Brother's in Central Pa. The Lamar, Nitany Vally Volenteer Fire Dept. We send our deepest heart felt prayers for you and the familyes of our fallen brothers in the line of duty. may God be with them and your as you continue your work.

    Thomas D. Sarosi Jr.EMT/FF/HAZ-MAT
    Lamar V.F.D.

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    From all of us at the Santiago Fire Department Co.18 (Santiago, CHILE) we express our sincere condolences to the families, colleagues and friends of the firefighters that tragically lost their life in the line of duty. May their memories always serve as an inspiration to firefighters all over the world.

    Santiago Fire Department, Co. 18
    Santiago, CHILE

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    With deepest sorrow we send condolences to the families of our fallen brothers of Local 1009. Each day we kiss our kids and head off to the Firehouse with the knowledge of the risk we take on. When the news of this tragedy reached our department, flags were lowered and a uneasy mood fell about those of us on duty. These men knew the risks and did their duty, they must never be forgotten for their sacrifice in the name of their fellow citizens and brother Fire Fighters.

    The lord had need of six more heroes in his heavenly firehouse, may he need no more.

    FF Owen Hardy
    Engine 1, Reno Fire Department
    Local 731

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