To the Men & Woman FF's & Families Members,

Our hearts go out to you and yours. We never stop and think all that you (Firefighters) gave on a daily basis to us. A job you have chosen to do without thinking of the ultimate sacerfices that you are making each day or night you get up and go to your job. A job where you may save a life so precious,and other days like Dec 6th,1999,when you gave your lives so unselfishless,thinking not of what you were leaving behind. I know in my heart of hearts you are not alone,you have joined the ranks of the angels,your wings earned into the gates of Heaven. Dec 6th,1999 I'm sure God had the gates open with six sets of wings. However,behind you leave,wives,mothers,fathers,sisters,brothers,and your children. For all of them I offer my heart felt prays,and hope that they all know that they are not alone in there time of sorrow. May God be with you all and the angels be with you to help you with there your sorrow and pain. My wish for the 15 children left behind,be proud of your Dad's and know they are in God's hands with wings smiling down on you. You are never alone for they have wings to be with you ALWAYS....God Bless...Thank-you