My older brother is a firefighter for company 3 in rochdale, along with a couple of his friends. These people mean the world to me. Anyways about a year ago after watching the movie backdraft, my brother and his friend got a fire call. All i could do was think what if something like that happens to them. It was then i decided to write a little poem. A poem about a brave fireman! My neighbor was one of the 6 firefighters, killed in fridays blaze. He was a wonderfull person, real down to earth kind of guy, did anything for anybody, and took pride in his work as a firefighter. He will be greatly missed. Also to the other families i am sorry for your loss, may you find the strength to get through this!
The sirens ring, it's a quarter past three, they said on the scanner this is the biggest they'd see. The children awake and the mother now crys asking is this night the night her brave man dies? The screetching of tires rubbin hard down the road, they say the faster you are the more you are bold. The dispatcher now with her voice in regret wonders is this the fire all fireman fret? The flames so bright making night look like dawn as a firemans body falls still on the lawn. The cheif from the curb shouts to the men, theres no way in hell we're putting this fire to end. Though the bravest of fireman walks through the doorway so stout, for he hears the crys come from one young girls mouth. The roof caving in slowly and thinking nothing of he, throws the girl out the door to a mother on her knees. If he could save a life in the line of duty let it be she. So for the crying mother and firemans family and friends, they know in they're hearts if the fires brought him back to them....he'd do it all over again.

p.s I thought this poem might help some people to see, these 6 died doing and being what they lived to be.

Michelle Broullon