I would like to extend my thoughts and prayers to the families and friends of the six fallen heros who died serving their city and protecting the citizens of Worcester.
Upon visiting the scene I was able to gain greater insight into the commaradare that existed among the firefighters and feel flattered to have been welcomed by the Worcester firefighters in there time of need.
They made me feel part of their family, tightening the bond that exist among all firefighters.
It may have been the saddest day that I will experience in my career as a firefighter . We can only hope that such a tragedy will never happen again.
The bond that the community displayed in regards to paying respect to these firefighters, is appreciable beyond words by individuals who choose to serve their communities.
Thank you to the states of Massachusetts and Connecticut, Professesional Firefighters of Massachusetts, Internationsl Association of Firefighters and all those who helped in our time of need.
May God bless all.

Lt. SK Marlborough Fire Department

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