My prayers and sympathy go out to all of the friends and family of our fallen heroes. I was stricken with sadness friday night when I found out local heroes had lost their lives battling a blaze in our city. It hurt me even more to find out saturday morning that one of these hereos was a friend of the family. I'm only 18, but I have grown up with Lt. Spencer's children. Many holidays were spent with this family and it will become worse for all of us when the holidays draw nearer. When the reality of this tragedy begins to set in I would like everyone not to remember these people for what happened to them, but to remember them for the heroes and people they were. These guys were real men and when they were called to help others they were there without fail. I would like to end this by saying "Our fallen will be remebered forever. You men are true heroes. God Bless You"

Adam Rosenlund