To my son Bill, and all his brother's in Worcester, Rochdale, and everywhere.

A Fireman's Heart

A small little wonder
The center of it all
That drives you forward
When you hear the call.

It drives the engines
Puts water in the hose
It bonds you to your brother
Regardless of where he goes.

Its Courage, Its Strength
Its a trapped helpless stranger
Its the need to give your all
Without thought of the danger.

Its the very core
Of your everyday life
And it grows Eagles wings
In times of strife.

Its the family and friends
Who must wait at home
Praying you'll return
At the end of every tone.

It laughs when its loving
When its aching it crys
And with the loss of a brother
A part of it dies.

Yet it grows even stronger
It loves even more
When someone in need
Knocks on its door.

Our hearts say to us
Sacrifice Supreme
A firefighters heart
Says "Fulfilling The Dream."

An unexplained dream
Only his heart understands
A commitment to give
What the fire demands.

As your mother my son
We share a love like no other
And both of us know
You'll go in for your brother.

I love you son
And I'm so proud of you
For I'm a part of your heart
Which ALWAYS shines through.

And to all the brothers of my son
I love you as my own
And always through the love of my son
My heart will be your home.

In loving memory of our friend Joe McGuirk and his fellow fallen 5.

[This message has been edited by A FIREMAN'S HEART (edited December 07, 1999).]