I had to write a poem for English class and I couldn't think of a better topic. This is in rememberance of the six men who gave their lives at the Worcester fire. My prayers go out to their families and hope that through these hard times they remember their loved ones died while fulfilling their dreams, they died being firemen.
Greg Shelton
Ballwin, MO

"Whereís Daddy?"

As they pulled up there was lots of smoke,
It seemed like another routine job,
That all changed when they got their mission,
People were inside, lost, gasping for air.
The firefighters did not hesitate,
This was their job and they were great at it,
Team, after team, after team went inside,
What they were looking for they did not find.
A risk they did take, those three pairs of men,
A risk they did take day in and day out,
A risk that would cause this day to end sad
And put a tear in many peopleís eyes.
Seventeen children wait by the window,
For itís getting late, time to go to bed,
But only motherís there to tuck them in,
And the children ask, "mommy, whereís daddy?"