Birdie M.
Three brave men walked into the flames,
To save three little angels and now life
for so many will never be the same.
With no thoughts to their safety, only
thoughts of saving three children they
tragically died,
Trying so hard to bring those kids out
from a raging inferno inside.
They went in wanting to wrap those children
in the safety of their arms,
Now three courageous Firemen carry three young angels to heaven away from any further harm.
A Fireman's heart holds the deepest compassion for everyones children because they think of them as their own they are trying to rescue,
A Fireman grieves for every innocent child lost and are forever wondering if there was something more they could do.
They do their job the best they can and sometimes pay the cost with their life for another,
So to the three Iowa Heroes,your sacrifice for trying to save those children will forever stay in the the thoughts and hearts of all your families, especially the hearts of your Fire Sisters and Brothers.

To the families of the three Iowa FF's and all Iowa FF's :
My condolences for the loss of three of your family members and FF brothers, words cannot express the sorrow felt by so many who are connected to Firemen and know that every call could be the last time we ever see them.
No one can really understand the sadness and pain you are going through but please know that you are never alone, there are so many who will always be there for you, once your in the Fire Family you stay forever in the Family.

Say a prayer every day for the safety of all Fire Fighters both living and the ones taken away,Don't let time erase them from your memory.
They give so much for others each and every day a small prayer isn't much to ask for in return.

To my close pals in Iowa:
I will say a special prayer for you during these next few days, I am very sorry for the loss and hurt you guys are going through.
Always remember God only takes the best and one day we will all meet again in Heaven and be with the ones we have loved and lost over the years.
ss/tc/gb always