Worcester Firefighter Timothy Mulcahy and his family have created the
Worcester Firefighter Calendar for the last seven years. The calendar
promotes the image of the working firefighter (http://lfpub.com/wfc). This
year's calendar is dedicated to the six fallen heros. On the night of the
tragedy Tim was among those working the fire. The heartache he experienced
is expressed in a poem he wrote a few days later.

My Tears Will Not Wash Away That Night

I close my eyes
My tears will not wash away that night
I hear your voices
You are somewhere, but nowhere to be found
O God! Please help us
We cannot leave them behind

My tears will not wash away that night
The world as we knew it fell upon us
We were left with the greatest loss
Jerry, Joe, Timmy, Tommy, Jay and Paul
This was not supposed to happen
Not here, not like this

My heart is heavy
If only my tears could wash away that night
I try to forget the fire with memories of you
I see your smiles and hear the laughter
To no avail, the pain returns
Overwhelmed, I must let go

My tears will not wash away that night
I open my eyes
I know my life is forever changed
Will my heart be restored?
The need for faith and love is so much more
Thank God for my fellow firefighters, family and friends

A city wraps her arms around us, a country follows
My tears will not wash away that night
A family emerges beyond the family of firefighters
The brotherhood of men and women holding hands
Shared compassion, profound understanding
Everyone united in the healing power of love

My tears will not wash away that night
Blessed are we to have known such men
Their courage, selfless gift of love never to be forgotten
The wisdom and strength gained will sustain us
Their loving presence will always be
I am honored to be a firefighter

Worcester Firefighter Timothy Mulcahy (http://lfpub.com/wfc)

We encourage you to forward this email to family and friends.

PS: To browse photos of the Memorial Service visit http://lfpub.com/wfc