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Thread: Houston LODD

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    Post Houston LODD


    Two Houston Texas firefighters were killed in the line of duty this AM fighting a fire in a McDonalds restaurant.

    A third was hospitialized suffering from a heart attack

    Note from WebTeam: Please post your condolences here.

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    Derrick Hughes
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    Local 341 mourns the Line of Duty Deaths of two of it's own.
    Engineer/Operator Lewis Mayo III (76/A) and Fire Fighter Kimberly Smith (76/C) were
    killed while battling an early morning fire at a McDonalds. More details will be posted
    here as they become available.
    If you need more infomation call Local 341 at 713-223-9166.
    If you wish to make a donation to the Last Alarm Club click here.

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    Derek Elkins
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    Our hearts go out to our fallen brother and sister who made the ultimate sacrifice. May the Lord keep them close and guard over thier families left behind.

    With Deep Sympathy,

    Crosby Volunteer Fire Dept.
    Crosby, Texas

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    It a great sorrow to learn, of the lost of Engineer Lewis Mayo and Fire Kimberly Smith, of the Houston Fire Department. The Richmond, Virginia Department of Fire and Emergency Services extends its deepest sympathy to the members of the Houston Fire Departent and to the familes of the brave members who has passed. May they both rest in peace. God Bless all our Brothers and Sisters.

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    On behalf of the Friendship Hose Company and the Sunbury Fire Department, I would like to offer our thoughts and prayers for the families of our brother and sister who were lost, and for those other brothers and sisters who have lost someone they have worked with for many years. May you find some comfort in knowing that there are many who also feel your loss. John Donne, an English poet stated, "No man is an island entire of itself. Every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main... Any man's death dimishes me because I am involved in mankind. and therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee." (John Donne, Meditation 17, 1623)

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    It is with great sorrow that we learn of the loss of Firefighters Lewis Mayo and Kimberly Smith, of the Houston Fire Department. The Troy Fire Department extends its deepest sympathy to the members of the Houston Fire Departent and to the familes of these brave members who have been taken from our midst. We all share your loss. May they both rest in peace in God's eternal love. God Bless all of our Brothers and Sisters.

    Chief John Denney
    Troy Fire Department
    19 E. Race St.
    Troy, Ohio 45373

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    Once again our family has been brought together by tragedy. All of our prayers are with the families of our Brother and Sister that have left us way too soon. Also our prayers are with our Brothers and Sisters still with us in Houston. May God help them get through this difficult time and let them know that they are not alone and the rest of their family grieves with them.
    Michael Myers
    Firefighter, EMT-D
    Wilson, NY

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    My deepest condolences to the family, friends and especially the two HEROS. God bless them all...

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    It is with great sadness and sorrow that we learned of the tragic deaths of Kimberly Smith and Lewis Mayo. May God bless them both, their families and the Houston Fire Department. From the Watervliet Arsenal and IAFF Local F-256, our prayers are with you all.
    FF/EMT Brian Nou
    Sec./Treasurer F-256

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    Firehouse.com Guest


    It is with our deepest regret that we hear of the loss of Lewis and Kimberly. May God keep them with him and embrace thier familes, friends and brother and sister firefighters.

    Our hearts are with you.

    Tom Gruber
    Capt. Porter VFD, Texas

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    From E-Mail:

    We mourn the loss of a brother and sister firefighter who made the supreme sacrifice in service to thier community, department, themselves, and the Lord. Our most sincere prayers go out to thier families and department members.

    With our deepest sympathy,

    Green Pond Volunteer Fire Dept.
    Green Pond, Alabama

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    There is not much else to say everyone has done a good job posting stuff, so I'll end this by saying God Bless Lewis and Kimberly. You paid the ultimate sacrafice and God knows it. God Bless our two fallen comrades and god bless each and everyone of us!

    Frank Ricci

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    R. PAIGE
    Firehouse.com Guest


    Our deepest sympathy go's out to the families, friends and brother and sister firefighters of the brave firefighters who lost their lives today in Houston. May God bless them and their families.

    Randy Paige
    Corpus Christi,Tx. Local 936

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    Paterson FireOfficers
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    Paterson Fire Officers IAFF Local 3860 want to send our deepest Sympathy to the family, friends and brothers involved in yet another Firefighter fatality. God will watch over the families of those who made the sacrifice forever. The FIREFIGHTER is AMERICA's last hero and the Lord knows this.

    God Bless all those involved.

    The Board of Directors and Members
    IAFF 3860

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    On Behalf Of the Enterprise Snorkel Hook and Ladder Co.#1 Station #8 We would like to offer our greatest sympathies to the friends and families of the two fallen firefighters. May God Bless you all and watch over you during this time.

    "You Go....We Go"
    "Emt's Don't Die They Stabalize" http://hometown.aol.com/engine058/1stpage.html

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    Firehouse.com Guest


    Our prayers are with the Houston FD, in this time of loss. May God Bless each of you!

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    T ony Hartman
    Firehouse.com Guest


    The members of the Dresden Fire Department wish pass on their condolences to the family and fellow firefighters of FF Kimberly Smith and Engineer/Operator Lewis Mayo III. May God be with all of you in this time of need.

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    The thoughts and prayers of the Professional Firefighters of Wolfeboro, IAFF Local 3708, are with our brothers and sisters of the Houston FD. Be strong.
    PFFW, IAFF Local 3708
    Wolfeboro, NH


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    Rodney Wagner
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    On behalf of the Ridgefield Park, NJ Fire Deaprtment, we extend our deepest sympathies to the families, friends and co-workers of the 2 fallen firefighters. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you.

    Assistant Chief Rodney Wagner
    Ridgefield Park, NJ Volunteer Fire Department

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    My heartfelt condolences go out to everyone in Texas this day. Take care and God Bless.

    Firefighter Brendan Rys
    Spencer FD
    Spencer, Mass

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