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    Question LODD questionnaire?

    Has anyone ever been offered, or filled out a line of duty death questionnaire? I am talking about a survey that asks questions about your wishes if you were to lose your life at an incident. Questions like who would you like to inform your family, and preferences you may have regarding funeral arrangements, wishes regarding your remains, preferences for pallbearers, and who do you wish to give the eulogy?

    Would you fill out a questionnaire if one was offered to you.

    I would like to know if there are any forms out there that are being used by the fire service. I do know of one that the police use and it can be used by the fire service if anyone is interested.

    Please e-mail your response to me.

    Thank you,
    Scott Reichenbach

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    If you could I would like a copy of the form you have. I have not heard of this, but it sounds like a excellent idea. My e-mail is NFPD206@aol.com Thanks

    Captain Jeremy Whitehill
    Nixa Fire Protection District
    Nixa, MO

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    Lt. Frank
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    To Jake69:
    We are a combination dept. in Hampden, Maine. We do have a form that all are asked to fill out. We do ask questions such as who is to be notified and whom you wish to do the notification. We do not ask questions such as funeral/services requests but I feel that your thoughts should be added to this form. We have not had a LODD, and pray that we never do, but have done funerals/services for members who have passed on. It does make it hard, in that short time frame, to ask the questions that you are posing to the family in their time of loss. If this form would be of any help please e-mail me at lowlife32@hotmail.com, with a mailing address, and I will send you a copy.

    Lt. Frank Coombs
    Hampden Fire & Rescue
    Hampden, Maine

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    If anyone comes up with some good forms I would also like to hear about them. My e-mail address is mmyers2@mcdinvest.com. Hopefully someone will come up with a couple so that my fire company can use those ideas to design one for us.
    Michael Myers
    Firefighter - EMT/D
    Wilson Fire Company #1, Inc.
    Wilson, NY

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    Charlie Kline
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    To the family friends of Firefighters Kim Smith, Lewis Mayo, and the Firefighter sof the Houston Fire Department:It is with a heavy heart and sadness that I once again write on behalf of two more brave firefighters. Words cannot express the sadness and grief that the families and brothers and sisters of the Houston Fire Department are feeling at this time. For the rest of us who continue to serve our communities, your dedication, courage, and committment will be forever etched in our minds, as we continue to do the job you loved to do. May you rest in peace, you and your families will forever be in our hearts, thoughts, and prayers.

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    I have never been asked to fill out an LODD form and I hope I never will. But I have a feeling that with all the firefighter deaths latley, we will be required to fill them out in the near future. It is a damn shame about all the deaths latley, from Worchester, Indinapollis, Houston, and now Memphis. Could it be from the lack of training in those departments or just bad luck? Its got to stop. Submited by: Orange County Fire Authority, Local 3631

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