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    Angry Crime and punishment

    The Houston , Texas arson fire. Not unlike others is totally unforgiveable.
    What is the proper punishment acceptable for such a crime? AS members of the fire service we should demand the maximum penalty allowed by law! No less.
    An eye for an eye and a life for a life! This should be a capital punishment crime, nothing less. This is careless and wreckless endangerment that resulted in murder and should be treated as such! It was an intentional set fire to cover up and do harm and it angers me so. I am a fire investigator and I have seen too many beat the system. Justice needs to prevail! May God bless us all.

    Terry Walker
    Fire Investigator
    Eufaula, Alabama

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    Again, my sympathy to the firefighters who made the supreme sacrifice in Houston Texas. May God grant them peace, and may blessing be upon the families.

    Since this is a "Crime and Punishment" forum, I have a questions, which hopefully one who is better versed with law can help me with and respond.

    1) In the event a firefighter is killed or injured in the line of duty because of a crime, is this considered a FEDERAL CRIME?

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    I agree. A crime such as arson where death is involved and a member of a fire company or EMS unit is involved should be prosecuted to the highest extent of punishment. The lack of respect from todays youth (generally) is shown in their brazen activities. Stories like this once horrified our society, today it is commonplace. This does not make it acceptable, two more families have paid the price for someone elses arrogance. Start off by prosecuting these kids as adults. They acted as adults so they should pay like adults. From their, start enforcing the laws we have on the books instead of plea bargaining for a lesser charge to get an easier conviction. In 3-5 years these teenagers will be on with their lives, as commonly happens. These two heroes who went to help right a wrong will never walk the face of the earth again. If you want people to follow the laws then you'd better hell of a sight enforce them like you mean it!

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    Brian Pratt
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    The New York Law reads ( as best as I understand it.) that a police off. killed in the line of duty by a criminal act is automatic "murder in the first degree" with the possibility of Capitol Punishment. It should be the same for Fire Fighters also.


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