We were all shocked that fateful morning hearing the news of Lewis' and Kim's supreme sacrifice. The blood line and fire families of these two wonderufl people are in our prayers. Lewis and Kim were truly succesful, for to be really successful, one must contribute to the success of others as these two did. Even in their tragic deaths their legacies continue to contribute to the success of the firefighting community by promoting safety, construction standards, reminding the community we serve how dedicated Lewis and Kim and the entire fire fighting fraternity truly is, and alas, teaching four teenagers their are consequences to all of our actions. I can't tell you the sorrow I felt that MOnday - it has continued throughout the week, during the memorial service and funerals. The lump in my throat was placed their by two angels and it shall always remind me.

God Bless,

Thomas McBarron
Executive Director
South Texas Advanced Tactical Team Search & Rescue