I am the webmaster for the Harris County Firefighters Association. Harris County Texas. The following poem was posted on our discussion page, and I thought it should be shared with everyone.

From: Michael Oder, PHA FD. IAFF Local 1316
Date: 2/20/00
Time: 9:14:23 PM
Remote Name:

A brother, a sister

The dark of night, ends so abrupt The lights flash on, let's go, get up. Duty calls, we must go, What we may face, we do not know.

A building fire, they're all the same, We go, we fight, we put out the flame. But tonight is different, it's just not right, For this time you see, we will lose the fight.

As Kim and Lewis so gallantly stride, Into the flames, with Houston pride. Agressive interior, it's all or none, We don't stop until the job is done.

Pull slack, more hose, I'm almost there, Kim and Lewis, Houston's heavenly pair. Deeper, further, let's get to the fire, And then in an instant, they are covered in wire.

No one could foresee, no one could foretell, That this night would soon turn into one living hell. Two angels on earth, soon to depart, As we hear that PASS wail, a pain in our heart.

A brother, a sister, fallen inside, Hold on, we will find you, we yelled and we cried. But the flames and the heat, tremendous and great, Yes we did find you, but it was too late.

We do not know why, though we ask every time, Why God must take them, so young, in their prime. The answers are His, and He alone does know, Why angels on earth, are so soon to go.

So Lewis and Kim, we say our goodbyes, With pain in our heart, and tears in our eyes. But tonight we shall know, as you stand arm in arm, You watch over us, to keep us from harm.

No greater love a man does give, Than to lay down his life, so that others may live. A brother, a sister, on the wings of a dove, Today they have given, no greater love.