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    Lightbulb LOST their lives or had their lives TAKEN???

    I got this as E-mail from macky137 and thought to ask forum members to comment on it, What do YOU(the forum members)think about this idea?

    I was reading through the posts on the city councils deciding not to pay for
    the funerals of the fallen firefighters.

    What really disturbs me is that the term most commonly used to discribe the
    account is "they gave their lives" or "lost their lives". This may be one
    way to word it politely but the truth is "they had their lives taken from
    them". This puts a different approach to the fact that fallen firefighters
    are victims taken down by the enemy (fire, heat, smoke and debris). It
    would be more a correct description of the events and I find it puzzling
    but, I think just this point of view can have a strong impact on how public
    views firefighters and it may be a term that should maybe start coming from
    the inside the department during a LODD tragedy. It will change views over
    time. It may only be considered a "play on words" by some but, I don't think
    so.....It would take away the wool that the public puts across their own eyes (to
    hide the full depth of what has taken place). If you think this is worth
    posting let me know.

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    Well macky137, I did think so because firefighters do everything possible to stay alive in this most hazardous occupation.

    Firefighters are killed by these merciless forces you mentioned and if a criminal act is involved the perpetrator is charged accordingly.

    We do put ourselves in harms way just as the military does and it is a tradition to say, "no man can make a more noble sacrifice than to lay down his life for his fellow man". How ever if you read the Forum topic "How we die" it points you in the direction of reality which is where I think your idea comes from.

    So we will put it out there and see what happens! The results should be interesting.

    Good Luck and be careful out there,EXJAKE:-)

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